Face is a complex structure that has always challenged  the orthodontist for a very long time.

                   The face (Profile) is considered largely during treatment planning, which is determined predominantly by the rotation of mandible.

  • Normally changes that occur in the facial complex helps the clinician to identify & diagnose a problem correctly so as to provide the optimal treatment.
  • It is therefore essential for us to be aware of, How the face changes ,Where & When it occurs & How it takes place ?.

So sound understanding of growth of the Maxilla & Mandible is necessary to understand the rotation  of the mandible,which predominantly determines the facial type of an individual.

  • Thus any treatment change alters the position of the mandible which in turn alters the profile ( long or short face).
  • Alterations in the position of the mandible due to treatment usually take place around the condyle ..i.e., rotation takes place as a mandible as a whole.