Cosmetic Dentistry


                Enhancement of facial beauty is one of the primary elective goals of patients seeking dental care.

          The goal of orthodontic treatment should be attainment of the best possible esthetic result, dentally and facially.

Characteristics of a typical smile

  • Total cervico-incisal length
    • Only inter-proximal gingiva
    • Incisal curvature parallels the lower lip curvature & touches the lower lip

Six anteriors , I & II PM  are displayed.

Ideal smile exposes three quarters of the crown height to 2mm of gingiva, females more than males

Ideal smile arc – Maxillary incisal edge curvature is parallel to the curvature of lower lip upon smile.

In order to achieve this ideal smile, it is not sufficient to work on the dental units alone, but we also need to concentrate on certain factors which would aid in the cosmetic smile of the patient.