Venlakhs Dento Care is a Multi-speciality dental clinic located in Madurai. The atmosphere and ambience of our clinic is one of its kind, where we provide a safe and caring treatment approach at a very hygienic environment. Our approach towards the concerned is very warmth and receptible. 
Our clinic brings along world class facility at very affordable prices by providing you with bright sparkling smile.we deal with all specialities of dentistry, with utmost importance to patients needs. we intend to give a comfortable and sophisticated treatment approach to our patients.

venlakhs dento care

Our Services



Implants are the best treatment of choice available to replace  the missing tooth/teeth . 

Any problems of irregular arrangement of teeth, forwardly placed front teeth, crooked teeth, spacing between teeth and improper bites can be corrected by orthodontic treatment.



We understand every child is unique, so their needs and  their adaptation to dentistry. We take efforts for the child and the parents to feel much more comfortable  every time they visit us.

Aesthetic dentistry is an art which is aimed to create a positive change in the arrangement and the appearance of the teeth  thereby helping to highlight the smile.


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